About Us

In my younger years…

I would spend my summers working alongside the Argentine Gauchos who worked the polo fields and handled the ponies. I lived with them and learned their culture, enjoying the many facets of their daily routines. At the finish of a long day, they would typically gather at open pit barbecues roasting a myriad of different meats– from goat, to lamb to beef or pork. One of their favorite condiments was the Argentine sauce, a red sauce with tomato base and a multitude of fresh seasonings in olive oil. Every meat was accompanied by this flavor-filled hot sauce. I memorized the measurements usually mixed in a wine bottle and worked to create it in my own kitchen to enjoy.

When my wife, Carol and I married, we bottled this sauce at Christmas time to give family and friends. As the circle became larger and demand increased over the 30 years of this practice, we decided to introduce the Galimaro Spicy Argentine Sauce commercially to make it readily available to everyone.

The journey of bringing Galimaro Spicy Argentine Sauce to retail shelves has been exciting and educational. We are proud to offer this extraordinary sauce for your table. It is an embellishment which is sure to become a regular staple. It is recommended for use on grilled meats of all kinds, as an addition to Italian dishes, a garnish in soups, side dishes and on salads. It has an amazing effect on all foods and we hope you enjoy it as much as our family enjoyed creating it!

Buen Provecho!



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