Galimaro Authentic Argentine Sauce

100% American Made, Mouth Watering Steak Sauce

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Authentic Argentine Sauce – The Original

Galimaro is a versatile sauce that provides an explosion of flavors that perfectly enhance grilled meats of all kinds, seafood, sandwiches and burgers, ethnic dishes and casseroles as well as dip combinations.

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Authentic Argentine Sauce – Mild

Too bold? That’s okay! Galimaro Argentine Steak Sauce still packs all of bold, flavorful kick from the original sauce, while we rein in the heat with the beloved, Mild Galimaro Steak Sauce

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A Centuries Old Flavor Experience – Brought to you by The Hefner Family – From Our Table to Yours

Galimaro Sauce Icon Bottle

The Hefner Family is proud to bring you a versatile and unique sauce that is flavoring the foods of people everywhere. Developer Robert Hefner IV lived with Argentine Gauchos in his youth, learning their culinary original recipes. This condiment is fantastic on meats, seafood, vegetables, in dips, and as a marinade. It is an explosion of taste like nothing else on your shelves or at your family’s table. Bon Provecho

 America – “The Melting Pot”

Galimaro Sauce People Enjoying Dinner

“Galimaro Sauce has an amazing effect on all foods and we hope you enjoy it as much as our family enjoyed creating it!”

Robert Hefner IV